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27 Unregistered Weapons Procurement

$50K - $200K, 35xp
$60K - $225K, 40xp
$70K - $250K, 45xp
$80K - $275K, 50xp
Chance on all levels
to reward random weapons.

17 mob, 26 energy, 2xTaser, 3xGarotte, & 45xSteel-Lined Trenchcoat
17 mob, 28 energy, 2xTaser, 3xGarotte, & 50xSteel-Lined Trenchcoat
17 mob, 30 energy, 2xTaser, 3xGarotte, & 55xSteel-Lined Trenchcoat
17 mob, 32 energy, 2xTaser, 3xGarotte, & 60xSteel-Lined Trenchcoat

10xSawed Off Shotgun
1 skill point
[Winchester 94]]

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